Tarasowa sala Konferencyjna
Hotel Maraton ***
Conference Room
Sala tarasowa ustawienie w podkow?
Business Hotel Maraton ***
Conference Room
Hotel Maraton *** to idealne miejsce do organizacji szkole?, konferencji, spotka? rekrutacyjnych , pokazów czy imprez integracyjnych jak równie? ró?nego rodzaju imprez okoliczno?ciowych.
The Hotel has 3 air-conditioned conference and banquet rooms which can host up to 160 people in total. The conference rooms are equipped with multimedia projectors, screens, DVD players, a PA system, flipcharts, wireless mics, laser pointers, free internet access, and the segmented division of the main room means it can be arranged to suit the requirements and needs of the conference organizer.
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Sala tarasowa
Room Tarrace
Area: 146 m2
Cinema style: 160 people
Classroom style: 90 people
U-shape style: 50 people
Sala P. i X. Scharwenków
P. i X. Scharwenków
Area: 151 m2
Cinema style: 140 people
Classroom style: 100 people
U-shape style: 70 people
Room Waclawa
Area: 133 m2
Cinema style: 90 people
Classroom style: 60 people
U-shape style: 50 people
Sala konferencyjna X
Room X
Area: 84 m2
Cinema style: 80 people
Classroom style: 60 people
U-shape style: 40 people
Sala P
Room P
Area: 67 m2
Cinema style: 60 people
Classroom style: 40 people
U-shape style: 30 people
Room equipment ***
Hotel Maraton ***
Mo?liwo?? cateringu podczas konferencji
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We offer a varied coffee buffet prepared individually according to your expectations.